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This isn't a gym, it's a private studio.

At Sweat Studio you can sweat it out in a private training space with no crowds or distractions. Our personalized approach to fitness will help you achieve your goals and feel comfortable every step of the way. Choose from completely private sessions as well as intimate small group classes. 

"I want women to feel comfortable and empowered here. Sweat Studio is a place for strong women to come to get stronger together."


Come meet Sarah, see the studio, and talk about your goals and options. :) 

Private 1:1 Personal Training

1-1 sessions are completely private 60 minute sessions focusing on your unique goals.

Personal Training (shared sessions)

Personal Training Sessions are training sessions that are shared with 1-2 other sweat studio women. Sessions are structured so that everyone is working towards their own goals and your trainer will hop between each client.

Small Group Classes

Group Classes allow you to meet other Sweat Studio ladies in a fun and intimate setting while also getting in a great workout at a discounted rate.

There are 2 types of group classes:


  1. Sweat Club: These workouts will be structured as full body bootcamp style classes.All fitness levels are welcome as modifications can be made.

  2. Strong Sweat: Structured Strength training classes that prioritize progressive overload from week to week. These classes are meant for those who want to attend regularly but drop ins are welcome! 

Specialty Experiences at Sweat Studio

Experiences are special, structured, programs built to achieve a specific goal. Each experience is slightly different depending on the goal of the program. Experiences are always limited to a small number of ladies so that everyone get's the needed attention. Some examples of previous Expereinces are the "6 Week Booty Building Experience" and the "30 Day Transformation Experience". Experiences are not on the booking site but instead will be listed separately when available.


What are you willing to sweat for?

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