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Sweat Studio Now Offering YOGA! 🧘‍♀️

Stretching + mobility are an often overlooked part of training programs. That is why Sweat Studio is now offering Yoga Wednesday nights at 7:15pm. Classes will be mobility style flows with meditation led by Michelle Chakirelis. All levels welcome!


Hi! I’m Michelle. Yoga came to me in a time of healing from back to back knee surgeries. As a collegiate athlete, I knew how to push my body to its limit. During my knee rehabilitation, yoga gave me the opportunity to find ease and balance in my body; a chance to give myself grace for the injury I sustained and find a new level of gratitude for what my body was capable of.

To my surprise, yoga became much more than a physical practice.

I fell in love with the mental and spiritual aspects of the practice, taking my first 200-hour Hatha yoga training in Costa Rica after graduating college in 2015. Additionally, I've completed a 100-hour kids & teens yoga training, 200-hour Vinyasa training, and a 50-hour Katonah yoga training. As a life-long student of yoga, I find joy in sharing this practice I love with others!


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