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Ramblings Of A Mad Fit Woman - Slackers and Obsessive Workaholics

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

We have 2 extremes here and being either of them is causing you to limit yourself!

  1. Slackers: Excuses, haters, lacking direction and a plan = No results due to doing nothing : )

  2. Obsessive Workaholics: Over-training, Over-dieting, trying to do it all, be superhuman = No results due to 0 balance. These people(most of them!) are just trying to do too much and then end up falling off and rebounding. Their journey is full of constant ups and downs in progress, extremes, and no formation of healthy life-long habits.

OK OK, so if you want change you can't do too much and you can't do to little...super helpful, Sarah. 😒

Don't worry, I'll be releasing a blog post soon on how to organize + prioritize your goals, set up an action plan, and work towards building healthy habits. :)

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