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What I Wear To The Gym!

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The quality of your workout directly correlates to how cute your gym outfit is...It's science!! ;)

I'm going to break down the pro's and con's of my current fitness brand favorites!

  • Lululemon - Lululemon is my all-time favorite, specifically anything 'Align'. The Align fabric is buttery soft and so so comfy. They are not compression - which I personally love because I hate leggings that feel too tight or squish my bum! They also most definitely show sweat, which I am actually OK with. I'm putting in work which = sweating... get over it. :) 85% of my leggings are from Lululemon and my sports bra's as well. I've linked my favorites below!


  • Nike - I slept on Nike for a long time but recently have purchased some leggings from their Yoga collection and their Training + City Ready collection and I am obsessed. Super trendy, super high quality, and fit beautifully. They are a bit pricey - but worth it!


  • GymShark - I used to think Gymshark was all hype but I have found that I actually totally love this brand - a few lines specifically. The vital seamless is my favorite, then the Ombre collection, and then the Seamless Flex (I don't care for the regular Flex line). Vital is my favorite because is a thinner material and I find that most comfortable. It's not super compressive but does still have that nice thick waist band that hold you in and gives a nice shape. TBH - these are not totally *squat proof*, and all seemless kind of accentuate the crotch region...but the fit is so cute and they come in such fun colors! The Ombre is pretty much the same fit/style. And the Seamless flex is a little bit higher waister and a little thicker material - more squat proof!

I love love love rocking a matching top + bottom for that monochrome look.

Want to shop more of my favorites? Download the Liketoknow.IT app and follow me! Mrs.SarahLeon

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